Welcome to the graveyard.

This year's Halloween party will be a blast. YOUR Halloween will be a blast and you will have a blast because your decor is taken care of. Easy for both home and office parties, this is definitely a set-up that well give your guests chills and thrills.



  • 6 ft. folding table
  • Black table cloth with silver spider web print
  • Tulle table skirt
  • Table skirt Clips
  • 9 ft. orange light garland
  • 2 black netting squares (draped across front and behind tombstones)
  • 2 wooden stumps
  • Spider web
  • 3 Fake Rats, 1 Fake Skull, Fake Arm, Fake Leg, 2 Fake Eyeballs
  • 4 Tombstones (and materials for staging)
  • 2 White Vases with Decorative Stems
  • 3 Purple Glass Jars
  • Gold 2 tier serving stand
  • 2 Tarnish silver platters
  • 1 black plastic witch cauldron 
  • 1 white ceramic bowl with silver stand
  • 2 Small apothecary jars
  • 1 Fake Crow 

*Food is not included. 


Coming soon!





Don't be scared.

You'll be taken care of dear...muhahaha.